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Curtis Osterloh and Steve Britt Talk Tax Audits at the Texas Bar and Nightclub Convention

  • calendar iconAugust 11, 2021
  • News iconNews

Curtis Osterloh and Steve Britt will take a look at how to handle a TABC Audit in their talk “Texas Mixed Beverage Audits…Pitfalls to Avoid” at the 2021 Texas Bar & Nightclub Convention.

Curtis and Steve have years of experience helping bar and nightclub owners and managers in various types of tax assessments on a local, state and federal level. Texas Mixed Beverage Audits are difficult to handle correctly if you’re not prepared. In this seminar, Curtis and Steve break down the process and share tips on how to handle your audit in the most effective and efficient manner.

The convention is sponsored by the Texas Bar & Nightclub Association (TBNA) which is an alliance of Texas bar and nightclub owners protecting its members by providing a platform for all relevant political and legal information. Curtis has spoken at a number of TBNA events.

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