Scott Douglass & McConnico Presents Annual Oil & Gas Seminar on April 14

Scott Douglass & McConnico’s annual oil and gas seminar, “Oil & Gas Regulation in Texas,” will be held April 14 at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Austin. The seminar is designed to present an overview of current Railroad Commission rules and procedures, related litigation issues, and other oil and gas issues that will be useful to attorneys, engineers, geologists, landmen, and others whose business brings them in contact with the Railroad Commission of Texas or the General Land Office.

The firm has hosted the popular seminar for more than 30 years. Scott Douglass & McConnico attorneys John Camp, Jim Cowden, Doug Dashiell, Mark HannaJohn HicksOlga Kobzar, Bryan Lauer, Carroll MartinDavin McGinnis, John Soule, and Flip Whitworth will speak at the event. Among other topics, they will discuss Railroad Commission rules, regulations and hearing procedures, drilling permits and Rule 37/38 exceptions, horizontal drilling, comingling, voluntary and forced pooling, retained acreage clause issues, surface and subsurface use, and inactive well issues. Anyone interested in attending can register at the seminar or by e-mailing Jackie Harrison. A link to our Application Form is attached here.