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Paige Amstutz and Ryan Squires Obtain Favorable Jury Verdict Against Alarm-Monitoring Company

  • calendar iconJanuary 23, 2013
  • News iconNews

Paige Amstutz and Ryan Squires obtained a favorable verdict against an alarm-monitoring company after a week-long jury trial in Travis County. The case arose from the burglary of a jewelry store in Austin, Texas. Paige and Ryan represented the jewelry store in claims arising from how the alarm-monitoring company handled the alarm signals that it received from the jewelry store on the night of heist. The alarm-monitoring company vigorously contested liability. After a week-long trial, the jury found the alarm-monitoring company negligent in how it handled the alarm signals on the night of the heist. The jury also found that the alarm-monitoring company negligently misrepresented the signal information to the jewelry store’s owner. The jury only decided liability as the parties stipulated to damages.

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