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Steve McConnico named Trial Lawyer of the Year by TEX-ABOTA

  • calendar iconJune 17, 2019
  • News iconNews

Steve McConnico was named 2019 TRIAL LAWYER OF THE YEAR by TEX-ABOTA. In addition to his stellar legal career, Steve has been an active and ardent supporter of ABOTA and TEX-ABOTA for more than 30 years, which makes him especially deserving of this award. Steve served as the president of TEX-ABOTA in 1997, and president of the Austin chapter from 1993-95. 


According to TEX-ABOTA, perhaps Steve’s greatest contribution has been getting the organization involved at the Texas Legislature. During his term as president Steve spent some time testifying on ABOTA issues, but he helped lead TEX-ABOTA to a higher level in fighting HB 4 in 2003. Steve spent months at the legislature testifying against HB 4, and once it passed, he went around the state working with other ABOTA lawyers trying to educate the public about the true nature of the proposed constitutional amendment.

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