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Oil & Gas Business Advice


In addition to handling litigation, we provide business advice to many of our oil and gas clients. We review title instruments and advise clients with respect to title issues. We assist in the review and preparation of critical documents, such as oil and gas leases, joint operating agreements, pooling declarations and unitization agreements. There is virtually no part of the oil and gas business in which we have not provided advice and assistance to our clients.

We represent royalty owners, producers, transporters, traders, refiners and governments. Our clients include individuals, independent oil companies and Fortune 500 companies. We represent clients involved in petrochemicals, coal and heavy metals mining, electrical generation and cogeneration, plant and pipeline construction, and the service components to these industries.

We have represented clients in connection with a wide variety of oil and gas, natural resources and energy-related legal issues, including:

  • Breach of implied covenants
  • Failure to develop, market, and protect against drainage
  • Bad faith pooling and unitization
  • Title disputes
  • Joint operating agreement disputes
  • Drainage claims
  • Producing-well damage claims
  • Termination of oil and gas leases
  • Take or pay claims
  • Price redetermination claims
  • Gas plant operation and accounting disputes
  • Gas contract disputes
  • Appeals from the Railroad Commission and other state and federal agency decisions

Our lawyers have represented the prevailing parties in many disputes now regarded as landmark oil and gas cases throughout the United States, including Amoco Production Co. v. Alexander; Day v. Texland; Amarillo Oil Co. v. Energy-Agri Products; and The Lenape Resources Corp. v. Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co.

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