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Securities & Complex Financial Litigation


Our lawyers practicing Securities and Complex Financial Litigation combine the focus and approach honed through years of active trial practice with deep understanding of financial markets and successful experience handling some of the most complex securities cases of the last two decades. From Enron and other complex accounting-driven cases to Financial Crisis-era structured finance cases involving CDOs, RMBS, SIVs and the like, our lawyers have been and are on the front lines in this constantly evolving practice area. Our practice is nationwide; recent successes from New York to Los Angeles to Seattle confirm that our Texas trial lawyer model plays well on the road.

We represent both institutional and class action plaintiffs, as well as defendants, providing a breadth of insight that informs litigation and settlement strategies tailored to each case and client. And our experience representing institutional investors from the U.S. to Europe to Australia allows us to understand the needs and priorities of each client.

We handle each case from inception as if it will go to trial. By employing this disciplined approach, we focus early and consistently on the critical factual and legal issues that drive the outcome of cases, whether by trial, settlement or motion practice.

We are open to a range of fee arrangements.

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